Our Promise

At UNRACK, we do things differently. We offer total transparency when it comes to the spec of our products and how we go about testing them. Our promise to you encompasses a meticulous approach to ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase. 

Here's what you can expect from UNRACK:

Precision in Diameter
One of the single most important aspects of a barbell is the diameter. While diameters of barbell shafts are typically advertised as 25mm or 28mm, this is always within a range, as the barbell knurling must be formed. At UNRACK, all shafts sit within ±1% diameter tolerance, which meets international standards for training equipment. 

Exceptional Knurling

We take pride in our attention to detail, particularly in the art of knurling. We’ve spent years on R&D in creating a beautiful volcano knurl on each of our bars, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold, based on the type of lifting you do. What you see is what you get. 

Stringent Weight Tolerance

You can be sure that all UNRACK products meet weight tolerance standards. The best in the industry keep to ±0.8% of the mentioned product weight for training equipment. 

Tensile Strength

We have tested our barbells under the toughest conditions. Unlike other companies which have only simulated loads on the barbell for testing, we’ve tested our barbells under actual loads of 800 kg lifted by a forklift for 2 minutes. The result is a negligible bend of 0.1mm, similar to best in class products. 

Corrosion Resistance

Our equipment is built to last. While the shafts of our barbells are of a high quality stainless steel used in the aviation industry - which have incredibly high rust resistance. Bar sleeves and plates are plated using advanced corrosion-resistant technologies, ensuring that the products maintain their integrity even in the harshest environments.

Truth in Information

We are committed to transparency. You can trust UNRACK to provide accurate information, free from misrepresentation, false details, or misleading content. 

 At UNRACK, we don't just sell strength equipment; we deliver on a promise of quality, durability, and reliability. Your journey to strength and fitness is our priority, and we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Welcome to a world where precision meets performance. 


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